Thursday, June 18, 2015

Temps Down,Pace Quicker,Happy Runner

Thankfully the recent preview of the potential "Dog Days Of Summer" has died off a little,to put things in prespective,two weeks ago when I set a seasons best for the tempo run it was 66 degrees which I said at the time probably aided and abetted my time,last week it was 25 degrees hotter at 91 degrees which saw my time balloon up from 1.05.35 to 1.15.30
Today was a comfortable 80 degrees smack in the middle of the 66/91 temps of the last two runs so I hoped my time would fall between 1.05/1.15.......

A brisk opening mile in 7.32 set me up nicely under the grey skies as I hit the sidewalk around 4.50pm.
Sub 16 at 2 mies along the Schuylkill footpath and the 26.46 at Lloyd Hall and 34.02 at the turnaround,a potential 1.08.04
While the temps may've dropped the humidity hadn't and the evening air hung heavy overhead, it's days like these I don't begrudge paying a little extra for Dri Fit running gear.

Based off my outbound splits I knew what to expect at Lloyd Hall{41 plus} and mile 6{52 mins plus} which indicated a 1.08 finish.
1.01 and change at mile 7 I knew I'd be close but not close enough,1.09.11 a 34.02/35.09 split.
A 6.19 improvement on last week,a small victory but none the less a victory as the countdown to Saturday at Icahn continues.......

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