Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mix And Match

Maybe I should've gotten up earlier to hit the track today,afterall I knew come lunchtime we were going to be in the 90s  but when your forced to answer the call of the alarm at 5am on a weekday it's almost sacraligious to set the alarm on the weekend.....besides I won't have the luxury of being able to switch the times of my 800m and 1,500m at Nationals in Jacksonville from mid morning/lunchtime so to take a leaf out of the Roy Keane playbook "failure to prepare,prepare for failure"

Arrived  at Lower Merion high school track just a few miles down the road from Haverford College out on the Main Line around 12.30pm,I'm no stranger to the track here,it was a "go to" track for several workouts back in the day and having flaunted the "track closed" issue last week at Haverford I wasn't sure I could get away w/ it again this week....and NO my decision to run at Lower Merion had NOTHING  to do w/ my friendship w/ Nurse Marion at work.......that's purely a happy coincidence....and the first chav to throw up the"there are no coincidences" chestnut will probably end up in hospital......#nuffsaid

Mile warm up b4 launching into what was scheduled as 8x800m,last time out on May 20th I went:

#1 800m
Not a bad start to procedures, a negative split and a second up on last time out....

#2 800m
Not happy opening in 1.20....that shit might fly early in the season but 6 and 9 weeks out from Nationals & Worlds.....

#3 800m
Loving the 1.15.....not so passionate about the opening 400m in 1.20

#4 800m
While 2.34 isn't too shabby in the context of repeats another opening 1.20........

#5 800m
Wasn't the reason I kicked mile repeats to the curb the "deadweight" middle laps?????? Mr opening 400m in 1.21..........

#6 800m*
I need to quantify that following an opening lap of 1.24 I stopped,slapped the shit out of myself since I don't have a coach to do if for me and said "enough of this bollocks" following a 3 min respite I logged a 1.10 400m......400s it is would be to see out the repeat

#7 800*
400m mode w/ 60 second it too late to switch to the 400m at Nationals and Worlds....LMFAO!!!!

#8 800m*
Brain fart! thought I could finish the session w/ an 800m......sound theory.....but didn't have the legs for it so following my woeful opening 400m in 1.31 which saw me jog the home straight I blew the doors off w/ a 1.10 to finish the session off.

A mixed bag for sure,I need to consider going 4x400mx4 for the remainder of the season as my long repeat,IF  every lap counts then I need the all out 400s as these 1.20/1.21s are for the birds.
W/ a race next Saturday I don't need to concern myself w/ next week but come the following Saturday{June 27th} it's "shit or go sailing" mode.....I fancy sailing myself........

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