Monday, June 11, 2012

All Roads To Nationals Go Through New York

Since I began my career in masters track in earnest in 06 it's become a rite of passage to race in New York.
I started out in the 06 Mac c'ships at The Armory and progressed to Millrose Games,5th Avenue Mile,Thursday Nite @ The Races and since 2010 the Tuesday Nite Speed Series @ Icahn Stadium.
Even last year when I was struggling b4 I knew I had anemia and after it was diagnosed I still managed two of the four Tuesday Nite Speed Series races,I'm not sure what it is about running in New York but something special seems to happen when I get there.....and I have the results to back it up!

Tomorrow's 800m is an important one for me,it's a final scheduled 800m b4 Nationals entry deadline and ergo my last chance to post a seed time,Saturday's 2.09.7. won't cut it I know that so I need to conjure up a similar 800m to the one on June 22nd 2010 when I went 2.03.7 and finished 5th of 8 it was the 800m that convinced me to run the 800m at Nationals a few weeks later where my 2.02.4 earnt me silver,let's hope that old "New York Magic" is in full effect tomorrow.

Easy 6 miler around Clark Park this evening,let's hope some of that David Rushida 800m Icahn magic from Saturday is still in the air tomorrow evening and I can tap into it.


dinklesnaps said...

Good luck, Kev. Go get 'em.

kevin f forde said...

Thanks Delve