Thursday, June 7, 2012

Down By The River

Following Tuesdays 5x1,000m repeats at Temple it was a scheduled easy/recovery day yesterday.
As is my won't I opted for the out and back 6 miler down to the Schuylkill Banks via the South Street bridge w/ the turnaround at Lloyd Hall.
I love running along by the river.....though it's slightly less fun in the winter w/ the wind whipping off the Schuylkill River but in spring,summer and early fall that slight breeze can be as refreshing as a chilled Gatorade after a hard workout.

The biggest concern today was if I'd make it an even seven/seven split,normally Thursday is Tempo Run around the Art Museum Loop....however w/ a double header on tap at the Mid Atlantic C'ships at Widener this Saturday over the 800m and 1,500m the tempo run will be put on ice till next week.
Frankly running two extra miles today over yesterday should serve as no issue when easing through 9 minute mile pace and besides a little extra time out there today will allow a little more time to visualise my race plans for Saturday.

I haven't raced at Widener since 2010 in a 10,000m race,I haven't competed in my home association c'ships since 08,I was injured in 09 and stayed away in 10 and 11 for fear of injuring somebody else.....those of you w/ long memories will know what and who I mean!!!,but those days are over and as the countdown to Nationals ticks down to eight weeks I need to get some quality races under my belt period but also to establish seed times for Lisle,Saturday kicks off the first of seven races between June 9th and July 24th.

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