Monday, June 4, 2012

Size Matters

Tomorrow marks a month since moving into "Chez Possum"it's still a work in progress but thankfully the basics are now in place,phone,internet,tv and satelite dish.
I upgraded to HD tv w/a new 46'' screen,something I'd wanted for a while but something I wasn't willing to do untill I had my own place,now that that's taken care of it was off to Best Buy and my new Insignia tv.
People w/ HD tv's always tell you how clear the picture is,how awesome HD is.....they're right!!!
I'm loving the high def after only two days,I'm already at the stage where if it's not a HD channel I don't want to watch it!!it's criminal but when you've got a 46'' screen you want it filled!!!

There was one drawback of the upgrade to high def,Saturdays installation which was scheduled between 8am and 12pm was pushed back to between 12pm and 4pm.....don't ask cos the reason is hard to swallow,anywho it was close to 7.30pm b4 the new dish and receiver were hooked up so getting out to run was now down the tubes,ergo my scheduled repeats from Saturday would now be on Sunday and Sundays scheduled 14 mile long run would fall by the way side....I'll take speed over miles everytime if I can't have both and have to pick one.

So w/ last week out of the way it was time to get cracking w/ this week,an easy out and back 6 miler along the river to Lloyd Hall and Boathouse Row to get the week under way,I may have done numerous 3x2 mile repeats last year and won the M45 10,000m at Nationals......but there was no frickin' way I was doing 8 loops of Clark Park to run 6 miles!!!

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