Monday, June 25, 2012

Still I Was Getting Used To It By Then.......

When you've followed the fortunes of the England soccer team as long as I (42 years and counting)you tend to take defeats in your stride,not sure if that's the stoic British stiff upper lip mentallity or the realization that heartache,disappointment and being deflated and let down by the "Three Lions" comes w/ the price of addmission!!

Former Liverpool legend Bill Shankly once famously said of football"some say it's a game of life or death....I say it's more important than that"....and for a time I wholeheartedly bought into that,each England defeat would bring tears,tantrums,and often things thrown now when they lose I take it in stride,maybe I've come to expect it,maybe I've outgrown "the national past time" or maybe just maybe I've come to acknowledge there are far more important things in life than the result of an England football game and prehaps that's why I adopt an "Pythonesque" attitude towards such matters these days!

Onto things I can control,my running and a easy 5 miler around trusty Clark Park as I prepare for a return trip to New York and Icahn Stadium for a crack at an 800m seed time for Nationals.
After the cock up that was my last trip I can only hope for smooth sailing up the Jersey Turnpike this afternoon and getting to Randall's Island in time for tonites meet,after watching the Olympic Trials last nite and the mens and womens 800m finals I'm inspired for a great two lapper.....fingers crossed!

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