Friday, June 29, 2012

Iron What??

After last Thursdays sizzling 97 degrees it was only 92 degs yesterday afternoon so tempo run it was!!!
Initially I thought I'd gone out too slow as I only clocked 1.43 at the opening 1/4 mile marker,however I then dropped a 6.54 opening mile and more or less settled into a good rhythm and tempo for the remainder of the loop as my splits indicate.
I only have two more tempo runs left b4 Nationals after a two week hiatus for the next two weeks,I've enjoyed the tempo run around the loop,chances are it stays in my rotation post Nationals as I begin to build for the "fall classics" 5th Avenue Mile and Syracuse.

Tonite I'm off to the Camden riverfront to throw devil horns around as Iron Maiden are back in town for the 4th time in 6 years,frankly in this headbangers humble opinion Iron Maiden are the greatest thing to come out of East London since Pie and Mash!!!!......why do you think my blog is named after an Iron Maiden song????


Scott Brown said...

Hi Kevin

I haven't been hear for a while, sort of out of action but glad you're still going strong! Talk again soon.

BTW I like this, I'm going to quote you "It's a good job I run, to manage my stress levels alone it's a life saver.."

Enjoy the IM concert

All the best


kevin f forde said...

Scott,long time no hear my friend,hope all is well.
Feel free to use that running quote.
Maiden were,as always"the dogs bollocks" in concert!!