Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mistaking Kindness For Weakness

Blame it on a lack of sleep not getting home from NYC till 12.25am and then having to be up by 5.33am for work but yesterday saw me make good on the time honoured expression that the F in my name Kevin F Forde stands for fiesty!!!!!

In my almost 11 years of running the dock it has been duly noted I can be "as pleasent as cancer" or as "cuddly as a Porqupine" first thing in the morning.....and not much better in or around lunch time on a bad day,factor in a lack of sleep,sprinkle in the thought that my chain is being yanked and a couple of pushy contractors trying to run roughshed over me and the dock it it was no surprise I asked the time honoured questions"do I have welcome written across my forehead?" "do I look like Sonic Hedgehog to you?" did I channge my name to Stradovarious???"....NO well then don't walk all over me,don't play me like a Sega Genesis and don't play me like a violin either!!!!!!

It's hard not to feel the loading dock gets a bum rap at the best of times from outside influences but when my own boss pulls crap like yesterday"we can't have person x down in the storeroom Friday for inventory cos they can't count so we're sending him up to the dock and keeping Joe downstairs......"then the gloves tend to come off,how does your problem now become my problem up here because he screwed up the count last year???

It's a good job I run, to manage my stress levels alone it's a life saver and while it was only a recovery 5 miler looping around Clark Park the constant looping around helped defuse any lingering anger the days shift at work had brought on......I run therefore I am.....less prone to choaking the living shit out of the next arsehole who crosses me at work.........would not look a miss on a tshirt me thinks!!!!

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