Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Art Imitating Life?Life Imitating Art??

"Cause you've been hurt before I can see it in your eyes you try to smile it away,somethings you can't disguise
Don't wanna brake your heart maybe I can ease the ache so let me give your heart a brake"

Give Your Heart A Brake-Demi Lovato

I'm about as connected to the Top 20 as I am to the inner workings of the G 20 Summit,it's out there but I tend not to pay any great or passing interest in it so it was more by chance than luck on Saturday morning as I sipped my morning cup of rosey lee on the recliner b4 departing for St Joe's that I flicked on VH1'S Top 20 Countdown.
For the past several years the only radio station I've listened to is WXPN so I have no real concept of what's "popular" in terms of the music charts but the Demi Lovato song struck a cord w/ me.
I've no idea who Demi Lovato is but I love the song it struck a cord w/ me in the same way the Kelly Clarkson song "My Life Would Suck W/out You" did a few years back and is destined to be a staple on my ipod for the coming weeks and months.

After a topsy turvy kind of week last week I needed to get this week off to a solid start and promptly kicked things off w/ an easy 6 miler out and back along the Schuylkill Banks to Lloyd Hall,the grey skies and threat of rain almost kept me closer to home but the prospect of eight loops of Clark Park seemed somewhat daunting......I'm dizzy enough to begin w/ w/out looping around Clark Park eight times,w/ talk of an excessive heat warning Wednesday and Thursday that is something I may have to consider but I need to get through this evenings 4x1mile repeats first and then see what tomorrow brings.....

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