Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Ringing Endoresment

You know you've "blown up" when there's a Seb Coe book named after your blog!!!!!!!
"Running Free" is the last of the Dave Miller Seb Coe biographies I haven't yet read,I'm presently reading "Coming Back" having already read"Born To Run" a few weeks ago.
Having grown up idolozing the "holy trinity" of Irish milers Ron Delaney,Marcus O Sullivan and of course the "Chairman of the boards" Eamonn Coghlan I also grew up not only at a time when the "Four Horsemen" of British 800m/1,500m athletics Ovett,Coe,Cram and Elliott were in their prime but also at a time when I was embarking on my career as a would be 800m/1,500m runner.
My feet were firmly in the Seb Coe camp during the whole Coe vs Ovett debate but came to appreciate the genius of Ovett after his career.

While I lack Seb's numerous world records and two Olympic golds over 1,500m I can make the link between us w/ our fathers,while Peter Coe was instrumental in Seb's outstanding career he could also be a harsh task master when it didn't go right,his infamous "you ran like a @#$^" quote after the 800m in Moscow reminds me of several clashes I had w/ my own father Kevin if I didn't execute a race plan to detail.
Most people remember Seb's victories in Moscow,Los Angles,Stuttgart etc but there were lows,Prague 78,Athens 82 not to mention the 800 finals in Moscow and LA in 80/84 and how he had to overcome illness and injuries between Moscow and LA and was overlooked for 88 Olympics not to mention publically lambasted for his inclusion in the LA team when his form was suspect....and yet he's the only olympian to win back to back 1,500m golds.

Seb always found a way to bounce back and answer his critics on the track.....something I'm atempting to emulate this summer,having overcome my 09 achilles injury I proved my critics wrong for the second time in three years w/ my 2 silvers and a bronze in Sacramento 10 Nationals,however this time last year my poor form was due to eventually being diagnosed w/ anemia and the rumour mongers were again out in force penning my running obiturary,I'm out to prove them all wrong again this summer in Lisle at Nationals,the fact I returned to arguably my best two events the 800m and 1,500m probably helps w/ the "Seb Coe mindset" Seb had the last laugh after the LA 84 1,500m final.....I aim to do likewise.........

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