Monday, June 18, 2012

It Can't All Be Unicorns,Sunshine And Puppy Dogs

The fact it took two bites of the cherry to get my 6x600m repeats in sums up my week,the up and down nature of said 600s mirrors the up and down week I just had!
The fact I got to St Joe's on Saturday only to discover lacrosse practice on the infield rendering the track off limits summed up my week on the down side,the afternoon and subsequent Keane concert that nite represented the up side of the week.

I had options on Saturday,turn around and head back across town to Temple or venture out into the suburbs to Lower Merion,Haverford or Villanova.....OR postponed them till Sunday at the expense of my long run,I was already in the hole for my weekly target of 40 miles anyway so missing out on a 14 miler didn't seem like the end of the world.
Upon return to St Joe's yesterday I discovered there was STILL lacrosse practice going step forward and two steps back.....
In an act so often played out in the past when St Joe's was off limits I treked out to Lower Merion on foot to hit the highschool track there.....for a split second I though I'd crapped out there also when I saw bulldozers in the parking was the parking lot that was being renovated NOT the track!!!!I'm sure the breeze block in my pants will blend into the current reconstruction project!!!

Having slowly built up my repeats period muchless the 6x600s over the past few weeks it was a bit of a setback yesterday to see 1.47's in the mix not to mention the 1.49 but having not done any repeats period for 12 days nor any 6x600s for two weeks maybe I'm being too hard on myself,at least my closing 200m on #6 at 32 seconds was my fastest closing 200m to date.....something to build on next Saturday when I reenter the "death cage"
As for the location of my repeats next Saturday and the subsequent Saturdays leading up to Nationals I'm leaning towards Lower Merion.......there's a "should've had a V8" reference in there somewhere.......
I figure highschools must be close to done for the summer this week or the next,highschool lacrosse should be done also,the drawback of St Joe's or any college facilities is the risk of them being used for any number of activities that render the track out of bounds so I may just head out to Lower Merion right off the bat.

Saturday was Keane's concert at The Mirriam Theater,it was my 4th time seeing Keane in eight years since their 04 debut"Hopes And Fears" which remains one of my all time fav cds.
I'm loving their new cd "Strangeland" in my humble opinion their best cd since "Hopes And Fears" and Saturdays show saw a nice mix of all four cd's not including their 2010 mini cd "Night Train" in the 24 song set list.
Hearing"Bedshaped" always lifts my spirits,it's their "Stairway To Heaven" or "All Along The Watchtower",I would've liked to have heard "The Lovers Are Losing" off of "Perfect Symmetry" but alas it didn't make the set I said it was that kind of a week......

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