Friday, June 1, 2012


Well if it's Friday it's a rest day....and if it's the first Friday of the month that means 80's nite at Club Fluid.
I've been MIA for the last three months,in March my achilles was giving me jip and w/ Indoor Nationals 2 weeks off I didn't feel 5 hours of being on my feet was the best way to prep for a podium finish in Bloomington so I bagged that one,in April I was frustrated w/ my whole search for a new place to live and I bagged that one and then last month which was the "Prom Nite@ Sex Dwarf" it was the day b4 I moved and I didn't feel gettting home by 2.40am w/a whole day of moving on tap was the way to go......given the unholy cock up that was my move it's proabaly a good job I didn't go.
But it's a whole new month and time to dig out my dancin' shoes{if I can find them post move!!!} and go off and enjoy myself for the night and forget about all the crap I've had to endure in the past month since the move.

Knocked out my tempo run yesterday 57 seconds faster than last week 58.41/59.36 but still shy of my 57.13 debut two weeks ago.
The time honoured "Death Cage" 6x600m repeats are on tap for tomorrow lunch time w/ another Sunday 14 mile long run to not only wrap up the week but phase one of my training program,next week sees the begining of my race schedule between June 9th and July 24th leading upto Lisle and Nationals

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