Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back To The Old Routine

Following a whole day of traveling back east from Oregon{I got up at 7.30am to get to Haywards Field Sunday morning and didn't arrive home in Philly till 8am the following morning}it should come as no great surprize I didn't run Monday.
In the general scheme of things it seemed like the right thing to do....or not to do but w/ my taper also in full effect I can afford to sit a day and still hit my weekly total of 30mpw.

The brutal heat has returned,yesterday marked the 15th day of 90 degree plus temps this month,like the old Monty Python sketch"still I was getting used to it by then"!!!
I opted to switch things up more to combat the jet leg from flying home from Eugene and pushed my 4x1mile repeats back a day to Wednesday allowing me hopefully to fully recover and have a better crack at decent mile repeats so yesterday ended up being an easy 4 miler around Clark Park,which thankfully is mostly tree lined and hence shaded,I won't be as lucky on the track this afternoon!!

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