Friday, July 6, 2012


I often talk about going out on an easy/recovery run to get any residual crap out of my legs from the day b4......having almost drowned in a pool of my own lactic acid on Wednesday yesterdays easy 8 miler was the ideal run to rid myself of any leftover gunk in my system.
Having switched from Tuesday to Wednesday for my repeats I nullified my 8 mile tempo run that I normally schedule for Thursday prior to the fact that it was a 96 degree day,a shade too hot for a tempo run but not too hot to run,perish the thought!!
Four days down,two to go time honoured 6x600m repeats on Saturday,14 mile long run on Sunday which will give me another 40 mile week and also my last 14 miler till post 5th Avenue Mile/Syracuse but that's for another time and another place.

Seems funny it was only 6.5 months ago I was bitching about standing in line freezing for Coldplay tickets and now it's July 6th and time for the gig!
It's been a long week even w/ two days off work,the heat coupled w/ being out each nite since Sunday w/ my sister and brother in law has taken a toll on me but in that great rock and roll tradition "the show must go on" and even if it means sinking a couple of Red Bull's b4 the show I'm psyched for the gig,Coldplay are awesome on cd and even better live so I'm looking forward to the show tonite,keeping in mind I have an appointment w/ the "death cage" tomorrow morning for 6x600m's like Thunderdome.....two go in,only one comes believe it's gonna be me!!!

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