Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Next Stop Lisle

So my final pre Nationals race is in the books,a respectable 5th place finish in 4.21.4. last nite in Ichan Stadium in New York
Conditions turned out to be near faultless,a mild breeze coming off the East River on the back straight the heat from earlier in the day had subsided by gun time at 7.30pm as the 12 of us toed the line atop the back straight.

A good reaction to the gun as I made my way dow the back straight jockeying for postition moving into lane 2.
51 seconds at 300m on route to and opening 400m in 68 seconds and 9th just off the shoulder of 8th place.
2.02 at 700m and 2.20 at 800m a 72second lap as I moved up to 7th the leaders in cluding two sub 4 guys were well clear now but I fancied my chances of continuing to move up thro the field.

3.15 at the bell as I now moved into 6th w/ an almost identical time to Oregon from last week,3.32 at 1,200m{big shout out to Tom Fitzpatrick for taking my splits} I began to pick up speed down the back straight and set my sights on 5th place w/ 200m to go and caught and passed him 30 meters from the line for a 4.21.49. finish thanks to splits of 68,72,72,49 w/ a 66 second closing lap.

Getting down to 4.20 or below would've been nice,I'm sure it happen next Sunday in Lisle,it may have to if I want a podium place to go w/ 07's silver,08's gold, and 10's silver.


William said...

Hey man, how about a GPTC 4x400?

David said...

Another good race Kevin, bodes well!

kevin f forde said...

Careful what you ask for might just get it!
Dave,thanks for the positive messages all season,here's hoping reading all the Coe and Ovett books has me in the British middle distance frame of mind!!
PS just read your blog,sorry to hear about the bike accident,hope you're healing