Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Next Stop Lisle

Ok, for those of you playing along at home here's my record at Outdoor Masters Nationals since my debut in 06 in Charlotte

06 Charlotte
400M 56.5 6th prelims
800M 2.04.7. 6th final
4x800M 8.30.4 1st final

07 Orono
800M 1.59.1. 1st final
1,500M 4.11.7. 3rd*final
4x800M 9.30.9 1st final
*3rd overall but awarded 2nd place as runner up was non US athlete

08 Spokane
800M 1.59.8. 2nd final
1,500M 4.10.7. 1st final
4x800M 8.44.6. 1st final

09 Oskosh
Did not compete due to achilles injury

10 Sacramento
800M 2.02.4. 2nd final
1,500M 4.14.4. 2nd final
5,000M final
4x800m 8.57.8. 1st final

11 Berea
5,000M 16.45.0. 3rd final
10,000M 35.27.4. 1st final
4x800M 8.41.8. 1st final

12 Lisle

Over the next few days I'll be looking to add to my tally of 8 gold,4 silver and 2 bronze National Championship medals,sadly it looks like there'll be no 4x800M relay this year.......I know the fuck you say!!! but w/ 2 of my teammates going after the M40 World Record in the 4x800M that depleated our ranks in the 4x800M and then after we put a foursome together Mark Carver dropped out so it'll be a 4x400M for myself,John G,Robert S and Bill Y in the club race,I haven't ruled out an Ad Hoc 4x800m but w/ 4 studs going after the World Record in the M40 already the best I could hope for would be silver unless I drop down to M30 and I doubt any of those guys are looking at an M45 2.08 guy on their relay.....but you never know.

Relays aside I have my sights very much set on the 800M and 1,500M a return to the 07 08 Nationals,it felt very strange to not run them last year in Berea but w/ the anemia issue I had to move up to 5,000M/10,000M but this year I'm back to my favoured distances and I look forward to toeing the starting line on Thursday in the 800M prelims,my first 800M prelim since Charlotte 06.....let's hope for a lot less drama this time out!!!!!

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