Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ramblin' Man

Reasonably pleased w/ my repeats,another slow start but I kept #2 thro #5 in the realms of respectability,clearly w/ two races this weekend there was no need to blow the barn doors off.....let's try and save that for the weekend eh?!!

Spent most of the day trying up travel plans,booked my flights to and from Chicago for Lisle and Nationals,secured a ride from Eugene airport to my hotel for this weekend and also secured my place in the third Greater Philadelphia Track Club Track Pentathlon,dubbed this year as "Still Alive After Five" the Sunday after Nationals.

Recovery six miler out and back along the banks and the river turning at Lloyd Hall,more of the same tomorrow,not only am I tapering for Eugene but also w/ Nationals now three weeks away from tomorrow it's time for the traditional three week taper,looking at 35 miles this week,a mild dip from the 40 mpw average I've been clocking since returning to full training in April after a little time off following Indoor Nationals which seems like so long ago now but was only mid March,give or take four months ago.

Tomorrow will see the time honoured what clothes to take for a road trip,what cds to download onto the ipod and if I can get to grips w/ the bells and whistles on the laptop I'll pack that also,looking at my trusty "cheat sheet" you'd never know I was only going away for three days!!!

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