Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two To Go

Looking at the previous entrys photo of Seb Coe and Steve Ovett after the 84 Los Angeles 800m final I'm reminded of Seb's quote to the former Olympic 800m champion
"we're getting too old for playing w/ this kind of fire",they were in their mid to late 20's then at almost 49 I know how they feel!!!!
I had pushed back my final set of mile repeats a day to accomodate my flight back from Eugene and may've lucked out w/ the weather.....although that's a matter of opinion!

W/ the threat of a severe thunderstorm in the air I noticed a dip in the furnace like temprature but this was only to be replaced w/ a grey overcast cloud that hung over the Temple track like a sheet either way I was going to work up one hell of a sweat.
Things began well enough b4 taking a nose dive on #3 b4 recovering a modicum of respect on the finale.

A bad repeat always leaves a bad taste in the mouth especially so close to Nationals but the fact of the matter is frankly the hard work should have been done by now not in the final three repeats till Lisle and while back to back sub par mile repeats prior to Nationals isn't the way I'd like to head up to Lisle I can take solice from Sundays 1,500m in Eugene and hopefully run another solid 1,500m this coming Tuesday in New York to boost my confidence.
Two more weeks till Nationals and two more 6x600m repeats starting on Saturday.

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