Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Matter Of Routine

The time honoured adage "it's like riding a bike, you never forget" can be applied to several things.....including riding a bike but the ease w/ which I resumed to my normal routine yesterday was some what scary.
Up by 5.30am after several blasts of the clock radio going off at 4.50am and out the door by 5.40am it's actually still dark now at 5.30am,that coupled w/ having turn on the lights at 8pm serve as a stark reminder that summer is coming to an end.
Work was work,after a week and a half off it was back to the grind,I'm sure a pay cheque this week will make it all seem worthwhile.....and I'm sure I'll be bitching about work w/in a few weeks for those of you who enjoy my black hearted celtic pagan rants about my job.....I know I do!!!

Home and straight out for an easy out and back 6 miler down to Lloyd Hall and Boathouse Row and back,nothing too fancy but enough to get me back into the swing of the basics and get me used to the daily routines of training six days a week as I prep for the next six weeks leading upto 5th Avenue Mile and seven weeks leading upto Syracuse and the Masters 5k Road Race C'ships,yes folks the road to to the "Fall Classics" starts now.

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