Saturday, August 25, 2012

Switchin' & Bitchin'

Following my token day off on Friday the plan was a trek over to Temple's track this morning for 6x600m repeats.....HOWEVER!
I guess I must've been tired last nite when I went to bed at 10.15pm during Fox Soccer News and figured I'd wake of my own accord to get up at a semi decent time to make it over to Temple this morning.....
Crawling out of my slumber by 10.10am I was already at least 90 mins behind schedule so I opted to switch things up since my Sunday "long run" is only 10 miles I figured I could do that this afternoon and hit Temple tomorrow morning for my repeats.

Must say it felt weird not to be on the track on a Saturday I'm normally doing repeats or racing but sometimes it's good to switch the old routine up,here's hoping for some decent times on the track tomorrow w/ the 600s
My change of plan meant being able to watch the Spurs West Brom game live instead of dvring it.....frankly I wish I hadn't seen it as we managed to piss away all three points in the dying minutes and allow the visitors a draw thanks to some schoolboy defending,I know it's early days yet but 1 point from the opening 2 games is hardly Champions League form,could be worse Southampton and Aston Villa have bugger all to show from their opening two games.


Scott Brown said...

Back again, just spent the last 10 mins looking over your Babes of the Olympics series. Nice, you could work for the Sunday Telegraph!

Good to read your writing on stopping drinking. I'm definitely heading toward that way, and want to make it a thing of the past as well. You really don't hear enough people speaking out on the benefits of not drinking. More of it would inspire more people to consider quitting, I reckon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

kevin f forde said...

Thanks for the compliament,had I gone the topless route a position w/ The Sun may'e been in my future!!
Glad to hear you're also considering not drinking have to say in my case it was a lifestyle choice,not only did it make me a better runner but more importantly a better human being