Monday, August 13, 2012

The Road To Olathe Starts Here

The "Big Cat" is back! after a week off from work and training yesterday saw me jump back into running w/ the third annual Greater Philadelphia Track Club Track Pentathlon,a spring board into resuming regular training,thou I feel tonites easy 6 miler will feel a lot easier than the six miles I logged at Germantown Academy yesterday morning!!

W/ hindsight perhaps sitting on the recliner eating Pizza,Mexican and Ice Cream from Sunday thro Thursday wasn't the best way to prepare for the rigours of 3,000m,200m,1,500m,100m and 800m w/ only 35 minutes recovery inbetween each race but having banished the "big three" from my diet after my return from Bloomington and Indoor Nationals I felt "owed" to indulge a little,it's out of my system now!!

Here's a blow by blow of things:
3,000M 10.23.9-5th I gotta tell you 3,000M felt a lot easier to run 2 years ago as a regular sub 16 5,000M runner{my 9.07.8 pr came in the first Track Pentathlon 2 years ago} than it did yesterday.
I came close to dropping out of the event after the 3,000m,my right calf was killing me it felt like someone had been kicking it during the 7.5 laps....kind of how my butt felt by the end of the race,I was in for a long morning!

200M 31.07-4th Usain Bolt I am not as is captured beautifully on my Facebook page by John Tran who took photos of the event,I'm taking a standing start as Sean Patrick,Phil and Delvin are all in blocks,maybe that explains the finish times:Delvin-25.42,Sean Patrick-25.43,Phil-26.05, I know how the sprinters from Botswana feel at the Olympics when they're drawn w/ Jamacia,USA,Great Britain etc!!!!!

1,500M 4.46.3-5th another below par performance Sean Patrick was killing it in 4.09 while I'm back in 5th 37 seconds behind,ok the guys half my age but wtf, a wise man once told me"you can do anything you like in this long as you're willing to pay the price that goes w/ it"staying up till 1.30am every nite watching the Olympics probably contributed to my lack luster times.

100M 21.15 4th Drawn against Sean Patrick,Delvin and Phil again{who'd I piss off??} it was more of the same I think Delvin was the only one using blocks{he is the sprinter of the group afterall}Delvin 12.84-Sean Patrick 13.13-Phil 13.14,me 15.73 at least it wasn't as one sided as the 200m

800M 2.21.1 2nd Finally a modicum of satisfaction 4th coming off the line I worked my way into 3rd at 200m and moved into 2nd w/ 300m to go.....what do you know starting to run like an 800m runner now!!!I'm no David Rudisha....but lets face it who is???

8th overall w/ 382.86 points well out of the prize money {5th scored 387.66} maybe my week off blunted my edge I know I didn't take off the week leading upto the first two Track Pentathlons and I finished 1st and 3rd so maybe that's something to ponder next year.....yeah glutton for punishment I'll be back for more!!


Kevin C. Tofel said...

Don't feel too bad: I was one of the few who joined you with a standing start in the sprints. LOL!

kevin f forde said...

I've never used blocks and chances were I'd fall flat on my face trying to at the Pentathlon!!