Thursday, August 16, 2012

All Hail The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Precious!
"Little Miss Bitey Puss" is two years old today,hard to believe it's 20 months since I adopted the "little bundle of fur" who fit in the palm of my hand that nite,she was so tiny and so sweet I named her Precious,Precious by name and by nature and it's been a good relationship between us,as I look at her curled up asleep on the living room floor I consider myself lucky to have her,not sure if she feels the same way but I think she knows where her Catnip is buttered these days.....lucky girl!

After two days of riding the pine due to the rain I was back out there this evening,I opted for another easy 6 miler having lost my hill repeats on Tuesday I knew my target of 40mpw was shot and when yesterday got washed out I knew that this week would now serve as my "transition week"
W/ another 6 miler lost yesterday there seemed no need to go w/ a 8 mile tempo run tonite,providing I make my track repeats on Saturday and 10 miler on Sunday I'll have 26 miles for the week,6 more than last week and a nice bridge back to my 40mpw target next week.
Easy enough run this evening ideal conditions sunny and 85 degrees,mid August I've probably got another 2.5 months of warm weather training b4 the dreaded F word...Fall.

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