Monday, August 20, 2012

Opps! My Bad

Self confessed track geek that I am I have a record of the medalists from all major track and field c'ships dating back to the 2001 World C'ships in Edmonton Canada.
While dotting i's and crossing t's on London 2012 over the weekend a stunning oversight on my part was brought to my attention....
Great love of my life Darya Kilishina did NOT make the Russian women's Long Jump team and ergo should not have made my top ten list of Olympic Track babes.
I offer no appologies for any photos of Darya I post,the girl is molton hot yes?? but technically she shouldn't have made my top ten list so allow me to add a name and photo to said list......drumroll please.

Paraguyan Javelin thrower Leryn Franco who granted failed to reach the final would make that list....the fact she didn't make the final is niether here nor there when she looks this smoking hot I'm sure you'll agree.......
Miss Franco it should come as no great surprise is also a model and was runner up in the Miss Bikini Universe a few years back{I swear it's the truth I'm not making this up there is too such a contest as Miss Bikini me I've done my research.....maybe you should also??}

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