Monday, August 27, 2012

Bed Bugs And Ballyhoo

Sadly for the second weekend in a row I failed to make it to a track for repeats which is a kick in the teeth but by days end ranked a distant second in the general scheme of life......
So what pray tell could be more important than a repeat session? I hear you ask dear reader.....

It would appear I'm in the market for a new I'd love to spin tales of rampant,back breaking, gravity defying tantric sex w/ a string of leggy Vegas showgirls,or one Russian supermodel repeatedly{we should all be THAT lucky!!!] but the truth will sadly always outweigh the myth no matter how mundane the truth is and the sad fact is I have bedbugs!
I suspected something was up last week when I awoke to find numerous bites on my lower torso my first guess was a mosquito but upon closer inspection of the mattress last nite I felt like David Attenborough on a World Wild Life show discovering a frickin colony of the bastards,surfice to say the offending mattress will going out to the curb on trash day and yours truly will be in the market for a new bed{and a Russian super model to help christen it.....SORRY I couldn't resist!!!!}

While finding a new bed is reasonably low on my list of "worst things in the world" there's the issue of paying for it nor to mention having it delivered etc etc but having been bitten to pieces the last couple of nites not to mention trying to sleep on the bedroom floor last nite it seems a small price to pay.

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