Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Redcoats Are Coming

Following nine trips up Flagpole on Tuesday{1 in warm up,6 in the repeats,2 in the cool down}I could be forgiven for taking if not the road less travelled at least something flat on my 6 mile recovery run yesterday afternoon!
8.4 tempo run around the Art Museum Loop on tap this afternoon.

So that mix tape that kicked off my delve back into circa 94-96 Brit Pop "The Redcoats Are Coming" is as follows:
Trouble In The Message Center-blur

Round Are Way

Mile End
Common People-Pulp


Hey Dude
Tattva-Kula Shaker

Sour Times
Wandering Star-Portishead

I Wanna be Adored
Ten Storey Love Song-Stone Rose

#1 Crush

Stop Whispering
Fake Plastic Tree-Radiohead

I Want To Touch You
Crank-Catherine Wheel

Sale Of The Century-Sleeper

Given the likes of Verve,Beth Orton,Stereophonics,Manic Street Preachers,Catatonia,Happy Mondays,Coldplay and PJ Harvey didn't make the cut I suspect a "The Redcoats Are Coming Again" mix is in the works......

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