Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome To The Whole Week....He Said Hopefully!

Fingers crossed this week will run....period muchless smoother than last week!
I always feel it's a psychological leg up{for me at least}if I get Monday's run in,the mind set is that it starts the week off on the right foot and one can hopefully build upon that.....didn't quite work out that way for me last week when the rain bollocksed up my plans but yesterday was a typial late August sunny warm but no humdity kind of afternoon which allowed for an enjoyable easy 6 miler out and back along the Schuylkill Banks to Lloyd Hall and Boathouse Row and jump starting the week off nicely.I just need to get my hill repeats in tomorrow at Belmont Plateau.

I hit upon this last week how summer is drawing to it's enevitable close,Precious is a lot more of a "lap cat" now that he heat and humidity are dying off,she's also discovered that the cupboard next to the oven is a warm place to curl up in,she's not daft!!
After weeks of just a sheet on the bed I threw a comforter cover on the bed last nite as I'd noticed a dip in the temps the nite b4,I hope to sample and enjoy Fall a little b4 winter rears it's ugly head but as the dog days of summer become a memory and the nites get darker sooner it's safe to say that cheque is in the mail.

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