Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's Try This Again

In a week that saw two days missed due to the rain the fact I struck out twice trying to find a track to conduct 6x600m repeats on Saturday should come as no great surprise.
I had thought I could squeeze another week or two out of St Joe's track b4 the fall semester begins after Labor Day but thought wrong,upon my arrival there was girls soccer practice on the infield usually a red flag for any activity on the surrounding track,sure enough after getting my mile warm up in I was politely informed by the campus security guard that said track was off limits.....
I arrived at Lower Merion's high school track an hour later to find my fallback track also off limits......@!#$

The plan was hit Temple's track Sunday morning but the simple truth was after rousing myself from a sound nites sleep my "get up and go" and gotten up and gone and a week that only yielded two easy out and back 6 milers ground to a halt faster than a British Leyland factory on it's afternoon tea break!!
I'm not going to beat myself up too much over it{I'm comfortable in the knowledge there are several out there who'll do that for me!} lost miles are a lost cause once they've gone they've gone and chasing after them isn't going to bring them back.

Hopefully this week will see me get back into my regular 40mpw/6 days a week routine and my impromptu down week will be a distant memory.
Along the lines of pleasent memories I went to see the movie "Ruby Sparks" on Saturday and utterly enjoyed it.
I've always maintained my "art house movie snob" attitude may limit the number of movie I catch in a year but I'd sooner see a dozen well made films than two dozen movies just for the sake of seeing a movie.
There was a great quote from one of the two producers of "Ruby Sparks" who said he'd rather make movies that people will remember than movies people have forgotten about from the time they leave the movie theather to get in their car,in "Ruby Sparks" he did the former,of the 6 movies I've seen this year "Ruby Sparks" is far and above the best of them.

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