Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top Ten Olympic Babes

The hardest part was picking which member of the womens Brazil volleyball team would make it on to my list,Shelia had the TGW factor going for her....Tall Glass Of Water
Show of hands,who'd like to see Shelia on the Beach Volleyball team in Rio 2016??!!!

Paola Espinoza-Diving
She may have only won the silver in the 10M Highboard but Mexico's Paola Espinoza was one of two golden girls from the event....

Aliya Mustafana-Gynmastics
Two words....Russian gymnast....nuff said....oh yeah she's got a firey temper....I'm SOOO in love w/ her,plus she has a dismount named after her too.

Melissa Wu-Diving
I don't recall Melissa at Beijing as a sixteen year old,four years later she made a splash w/ me and I antisipate her being in Rio.

Marlen Esparaz-Boxing
Prince said it best in "You've Got The Look" "I've never seen a pretty girl look so tough"
Tough as nails but sexy is a tough combo but Marlen is a knockout!

Lauren Jackson-Basketball
Another "Tall Glass Of Water" the leggy baller from down under has been the best thing about womens Olympic basketball since Sydney 2000,she can slam dunk me any day!!

Linn Sulland-Handball
No jokes about ball handling please the leggy daughter of a Norse god scored six or seven goals in Norways gold medal match.....she shoots,she scores!!!

Evgeniya Kanaeva
Two time gold medalist in Rhythmic Gymnastics,never mind "Happy Pills" next time you feel down find a You Tube clip of a Evgeniya Kanaeva routine,if that doesn't get the blood circulating you may be dead!!

Catalina Ponor- Gynmastics
B4 anyone comes down on me like a ton of brick for putting a gymnast on my top ten list relax Catalina is 24 and her floor exercise should come w/ a Surgeon General health warning.........

Logan Tom-Volleyball
It was rumoured after Athens or Beijing Logan Tom would switch from Volleyball to Beach Volleyball,Rio 2016???

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