Friday, August 10, 2012

Winding Down And Building Up

Hard to believe it's two weeks since the London 2012 Summer Olympics opened,come Sunday it'll be all over and we'll have to wait for four years till Rio in Brazil for the "youth of the world to gather" but rather than get upset about the end of the Olympics I'll enjoy the final three days on offer.

Obviously last nite's mens 800m final is still fresh in my mind,if ever I needed motivation for next season it was there in front of me on my tv screen as David Rudisha not only won the 800m final but also broke his world record,can he go sub 1.40 in Zurich or Brussels? I wouldn't bet against it.

I'm enjoying my week off of training this week but I'm excited about returning to training on Monday after Sundays Greater Philadlphia Track Pentathlon,ironically the 800m is the final event,while it won't be fast coming at the end of 3,000m,200m,1,500m and 100m it'll be my final track race till Indoors in December/January and I'm already planning my training for the fall and winter,as Roy Keane once said"Failure to prepare,prepare for failure"

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