Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A week,it is often said is a long time in politics,it can also be a long time in running....just not as boring or ugly.....spoken like true runner not a politico!!!
Last weeks hill repeats here on Belmont Plateau left a lot to be desired by my own standards and I sought to correct that last nite upon my return to "the scene of the crime"

I must be getting smarter in my old age as I took the #64 bus over to Belmont & Parkside cutting three quarters of the "yomp" over there off,I also made sure to get two loops in as my warm up and only one for my cool down,trust me on my final trek up Flagpole I was feeling it below the knees I could've made it up there one more time in a pinch.....but it would've been ugly!!

As for the repeats,chalk and cheese,apples and oranges,nite and day,black and white might best discribe this week compared to last week,overall a 24 second improvement on last week,possibly 25,I said following my 4th place finish at Nationals in the 1,500m I'd get a lot of mileage out of that over the coming off season and driving hard along the top of Flagpole to reach the finish I overshot the base of the Flagpole where said hill gets its name from.

Fingers crossed back again next week,but at two repeats I'm already one up on last season.....told you I was serious about laying the ground work at the end of my season going into my off season

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