Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Julie Andrews,But The Hills Were Alive W/ The Sound Of Music

Stop The Presses! Forde in back to back workouts!!!
I know it's crazy but what are you going to do right!following last weeks rain out I made the 50 min walk over to Belmont Plateau to conduct the first of hopefully five sets of hill repeats,not sure if I'll mix it up or stick to the tried and tested 6xFlagpole between now and Sept 17th.
I had hoped to keep the repeats between 2.10-2.15 which seemed reasonable period but also given that my lone venture on the hills of Belmont Plateau last August yeilded a:2.12.2-2.13.4-2.14.8-2.15.9-2.10.4-2.10.8.return it felt like an acheivable goal.....

Given this was my first repeat of any sort since July 29th maybe I can be forgiven for falling short on repeats #2,#4,#5 and #6,I blame a "brain fart" on #2 as I spent more time pondering what my mileage would come out to rather than focus on said yomp up Flagpole,another symptom of not being "in sync" just yet.
While my weeek off post Nationals felt warrented if not well deserved it has meant having to "kickstart" everything,getting back into a 40mpw/6 days a week mindset and focusing on my actual repeats not hoping "auto pilot" will cut the mustard,based on yesterday afternoons times that clearly is not the case,here's hoping next Tuesday I'm a little more Kate Bush and "running up that hill to make a deal w/ God"

So yeah the music reference,a funny thing happened towards the end of July on my last trip to New York City for the Tuesday Nite Speed Series at Ichan Stadium.
I was experiencing "technical difficulties" w/ my ipod and pc so I went"old school" and dug out my walkman and a couple of mix tapes to keep me ticking over on the bus ride to the Big Apple and back.{after my trials and tribulations this year on the bus I've come to embrace the Boy Scout credo "Be prepared"!!!}
I happened to lay my hands on two "Brit Pop" mixes,"The Red Coats Are Coming" and "All Things Brit And Beautiful" a eclectic mix of the likes of:blur,Oasis,Bush,Radiohead,Stereophonics,Verve,Stone Roses,PJ Harvey,Elastica and Coldplay etc and I have to say it reawoke my love of the whole "Brit Pop" era in the mid 90's{I feel old just saying that!!} and it's been fun to revist those mixes and subsequent cds{ just as I begun this last sentence Coldplay's "God Put A Smile On Your Face" came on the radio.....I'm not making this shit up I swear!!!}

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