Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Sobering Thought

It's not often "mother nature" gets the upper hand but yesterday was one such day.
I have no real problem w/ running in the rain,as a good friend of mine Roberta used to say about growing up and training in Belfast "if I only ran on good days,I'd have never ran at all"....
The issue yesterday was more that in order to conduct hill repeats at Belmont Plateau I'd have to walk over there to run which is a couple of miles to start w/,the skies looked forboding to begin w/ and sure enough w/in fiveteen minutes of getting in from work the heavens opened,I'm more than fine w/ running in the rain but walking to in the rain b4 I start to run.....not so much!!!

The afternoon at home did allow me the chance to catch NBC Sports Networks Olympic Mens Spints a look back at the 100m,200m and 400m finals plus 4x1 and 4x4 relays and also reflect on the fact yesterday was the 25th anniversary of when I stopped drinking.
Being sober for the last 24 years has altered my life in ways I can't explain,hard to believe what now comes as natural as breathing{not drinking one day at a time} was such an alien concept back then but that nite on Aug 14th 1988 when I took my last drink in a rat infested burnt out shell of a house was the catalyst of me putting down the bottle and picking up the pieces of my life,granted it's not perfect but I'm sober and I'll take that anyday over the alcoholic haze my life had been up untill then,long may it continue one day at a time.

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