Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Ten Olympic Moments

10 Opening and Closing Ceremony
Pomp and Circumstance are two things Britain does well,they showed the world in the opening and closing ceremony just how well,do you think the President of Brazil will leap out of a helicopter when Rio 2016 opens?

9 Michael Phelps
Can there be any doubt that "The Peoples Republic Of Phelpistan" is the greatest Olympian of all time?22 medals roughly 7 per games the data speaks for it's self.

8 Tom Daley's Bronze
At 18 the public weight of expectation on Tom Daleys shoulders was emence and after failing to medal in the syncronized platform diving he had to deliver in the 10m Platform Dive....he did leading going into the final round he had to settle for bronze but at 18 you have to figure on at least two more Olympics for him.

7 Britain's First Gold
After the first four days the hosts had yet to win a gold but on day five a pair of rowers won the first of 29 Olympic golds for Team GB and the rest as they say was history

6 Andy Murrey Wins The Tennis Gold
Just four weeks after losing to Roger Federer on Center Court in the Wimbledon final Andy Murrey beat Federer in straight sets to win the Olympic gold....just like I predicted...just saying!

5 Miniture Mini's On The Infield Of The Olympic Stadium
The Mini Cooper a symbol of British motoring provided a novel way to retreve field event items hammer,javelin,shot put and discus,a touch of genius on someones part.

4 USA Canada Women's Soccer Semi Final
Some soccer fans say Olympic soccer lacks the punch of regular soccer,anyone who witnessed USA vs Canada at Old Trafford in the semis would argue otherwise, a classic match.

3 Katie Taylor Wins Gold For Ireland
Women's boxing was new to these Olympics,Katie Taylor bore the weight of a nation as it's best shot for Olympic gold and she delivered,the roar of a prodominately Irish crowd at the Excel Center was deafening when she won.

2 Misty May and Kerri Threepeat
America's sweethearts from Beach Volleyball in Athens and Beijing proved that older can be better,they will be missed on the beaches of Rio in 2016...but not by the rest of the women's beach volleyball players....

1 Sam Mikulak Kissing The Pommel Horse
After his two routines on the always tricky Pommel Horse Sam Mikulak kissed the Pommel Horse as he left the floor,when asked why Mikulak did that he replied"the vault was good to me today,I just wanted to give it back some love''
A sublime Olympic memory in sixteen days packed w/ great moments.

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