Monday, August 13, 2012

Ten Things I'll Miss Now The Olympics Are Over

David Letterman,eat you heart out,here's the first of my Olympic Top Ten Lists,enjoy!

In no particular order
10 Missy Franklin's smile
How could you not love her youthful innocence,America's Sweatheart
9 Beach Volleyball
And not just the womens matches,the very setting of Beach Volleyball at Horseguards Parade was maybe the most iconic venue.
8 Hearing The National Anthem
W/ 29 golds "God Save The Queen" was heard frequently this Olympics, a nice present for Queen Elizabeth's 60th anniversary as Queen.
7 Beaucoup Track & Field on tv
Granted the coverage could always be better but given the short shift Track & Field gets on tv it was nice to see it on in prime time and not at some obscure hour on a cable channel
6 The Union Jack
Seldom has our nations flag gotten this much coverage since Ginger Spice wore that Union Jack dress!!
5 Staying up till 1.30am
Most nites I'm doing well if I'm still awake at 11pm so the fact that for the first five nites I stayed up till 12am,the next 4 nites 11pm{central time 12am here in Philly} and then 1.30am for the next 7 nites,b4 12.30am on the closing ceremony
4 Bob Costas
Tempted as I was to fly home to watch the Olympics on the BBC I stayed home to enjoy the iconic Bob Costas on NBC,for me he's become as symbolic to the Olympics as the five rings.
3 Today Show
I enjoyed getting up each morning from Aug 1st till Aug 10th and catching up w/ Matt Lauer and company in Olympic Park as they interviewed athletes and did segments around London,I'm not a regular viewer of Today but I do enjoy their Olympic shows
2 Rhythmic Gymnastics
Each Olympics I find a new sport to follow a few games back it was Beach Volleyball these games it was Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Maybe it's the fact the women are older than their regular gymnastic counterparts that I don't feel so guilty watching them perform....or maybe it's my weakness for Russian women and leotards....or both but roll on Rio 2014!
1 Aerial shots of London
Maybe it's my 46'' flat screen,or the fact it's 9 years since I last went home but the London skyline never looked so good to me than it did for 17 days and nites.

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